Why use
Delight Calling?

Low cost international calls

Need to make cheaper calls to clients or business partners abroad? You’re in luck! With Delight Calling, you can cut your business costs and enjoy the cheapest international rates all over the world.

Works with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G

Use our amazing app with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. Delight Calling makes it simple and easy to connect to your contacts, even when you have no signal. No matter what your situation is, you’ll know you can depend on us.

Easily manage your expenses across all accounts

When you use Delight Calling for your business, you can easily manage all of your accounts and instantly transfer unlimited credit amounts to any of your employees. There are no restrictions on how many accounts you can add and manage, and no limits to how many credits you can transfer!

Instantly access and manage all employee accounts

With Delight Calling, you can easily manage your business with individual billing reports. Enjoy full, instant access and control over all employee budgets and spending, so that you know exactly how your credits are being used. Be in charge of your business - without all the hassle!

Quick and easy set up

Setting up your account is simple and easy! All you need to do is Sign up and Log In. Next, add money into your account by topping up.

To top up your account balance, click Top up your Account and add money through a card payment or bank transfer.