Why use Delight Calling?

Your loved ones don’t even need to have the app - use Delight Calling to reach any normal landline or mobile number

No need to carry two phones for your local and international calls

No more swapping SIMs - you only need Delight Calling!

Delightful Benefits

Low - cost international calls

Need cheaper calls to loved ones living abroad? You’re in luck! With Delight Calling, you can enjoy the cheapest international rates all over the world at any time.

Use your own number

With Delight Calling’s smart system, your name or number will always display to the friends and family members you call. No more guessing who’s on the other line, as the app automatically syncs all contacts!

Sharing Balance

With Delight Calling, you can share your balance with any other Delight users. Let’s say your mother is in India, you can share your balance with her and she can call you (or anyone else) at any time. Our app makes staying in touch easy and simple.

Works with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G

Use our amazing app with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. Connect to loved ones, even when you have no signal. What’s more is that the person you call doesn’t need to have the app! Reach your friends and family whether their number is from a landline or mobile phone.

No hidden charges
just high-quality, clear calls

With Delight Calling’s easy setup you can start making clear, international calls to anyone using the most competitive rates on the market. Upfront prices and a simple, easy-to-use top-up system - you can’t lose!

Invite & Earn

Invite your contacts to use Delight Calling and earn up to 10 of free credit every time you introduce someone new. Share your love for Delight Calling and get a reward each time! You can’t pass up this win-win offer.

Here's what people are saying about Delight Calling


“I call my mates and family in India all the time. I'm shocked with how clear the calls are. It's like they're sitting in next room. Perfect.”

-Abdul Agarwal-

Just one number!

“I was overjoyed that I could use my own number with this app. My family and friends know that it’s me calling.”

-Adela Cabello-

No extra charges!

“I was surprised that there were no extra costs or charges involved. Most other apps I’ve used charge 3p extra. I have been able to save even more with no charges.”

-Rajitha Sinha-

Incredibly cheap calls!

“You really need to get this app. You’ll save so much. Calling my family in Poland is so much cheaper. I only have to pay half a penny per minute!”

-Zofia Nowakowski-

Great app!

“I can't belive how much I've saved on calls to Dubai. You should get this app too. It's incrediblel”

-Khalid Handal-

So easy to use

“I’m always calling Nigeria, so I need an app that is easy to use and allows me to save. Luckily, I found Delight Calling. It’s the easiest way for me to call Nigeria and I’ve saved so much.”

-Chukwudumaga Bankole-